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Tampa, FL (Monday, October 19, 2019)

Due to construction on South Manhattan, a portion of the sidewalk will be closed between W. Zelar St. and W. Neptune St. beginning on Monday, October 19. To view the pedestrian detour map, click here.



Tampa, FL (Monday, October 7, 2019)

Phase 1 – Estrella Street

  • 2725’ LF of Box Culvert installed (Completes Estrella Box Culvert).
  • Sanitary System completed on Estrella.
  • Water Main on Estrella completed.
  • All storm inlets are installed and tied to box along Estrella.
  • All homes along Estrella have had their driveways restored.
  • Paving of Estrella up to Manhattan completed.


Phase 2 – Manhattan

  • 637’ LF of Box Culvert installed on Manhattan From Estrella to Neptune.
  • 1300’ LF of Water Main installed on Manhattan Estrella to Zelar.
  • 200’ LF Paved from Estrella to 100’ South of Clear.


Phase 3 – Watrous

  • 2700’ LF of Water Main HDD completed (Drilled from Manhattan to Henderson along Watrous, minus road crossings).
  • 20 Service taps installed.



Tampa, FL (Monday, August 19, 2019) – The outfall on the west end of W. Estrella St. has been completed.


Installation of 2,500 linear feet of new box culvert and associated connections is complete from the outfall to approximately 175′ west of the W. Estrella Street and Manhattan Ave. intersection.


New sanitary system and water main on both sides of W. Estrella St. from the west end of the Project to Hesperides are complete and in service.


2,200 linear feet of roadway, including new concrete curb and a new bottom lift of asphalt, is open to traffic.


New concrete driveways for 15 homes west of West Shore Blvd. have been completed, along with new irrigation systems, sod, and landscaping.  New concrete driveways for 32 homes on the east side of West Shore Blvd. have been completed.


Driveways and restoration work for the remaining 18 homes up to the Manhattan Ave. intersection are scheduled to be completed by September 30, 2019.



Temporary Road Closure – South Manhattan Avenue from West Estrella Street to West Watrous Avenue from June 17, 2019 to September 23, 2019 for a Capital Improvement Project


Tampa, FL (Friday, June 7, 2019) – South Manhattan Avenue will be temporarily and intermittently closed between West Estrella Street and West Watrous Avenue in approximately 400 linear feet sections from Monday, June 17, 2019 through Monday, September 23, 2019 as part of the Upper Peninsula Stormwater Capital Improvement Project.


A City contractor will be installing an 8’ x 5’ stormwater box culvert, relocating an 8” water main, and 8”sanitary sewer line, and storm inlets along South Manhattan Avenue from West Estrella Street to West Watrous Avenue. The 400 linear foot work area will be fenced and barricaded off as the project progresses north up South Manhattan Avenue. As installation progresses, restoration will follow.


Any resident who is blocked from vehicular access to their home, transportation will be available to and from their vehicle by a security guard in a golf cart that will be stationed on South Manhattan Avenue. A sidewalk detour will be in place during the duration of the work. The road will be restored and sidewalk pattern will be returned to normal prior to the end of the closure.


If you would like additional information, please call the Project Hotline at (813) 235-0364.



Relief of frequent flooding on Dale Mabry Highway.

Reduction of flooding in residential areas within the drainage basin.

Improved driving conditions during high intensity and short duration rainfall events.

Improved evacuation route from South Tampa during hurricane season and other strong weather events.


Design and construction of 8,100 feet of box culvert, inlets and associated utility relocations, commencing at the Estrella Street outfall and terminating at the intersection of Dale Mabry Highway and Henderson Boulevard.

State-of-the-art “green” infrastructure solutions to reduce pollutant loading on Old Tampa Bay.

Co-funded by the City of Tampa and the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD).

hemderson intersection

The Upper Peninsula Watershed Drainage Improvements Design-Build Project